Draw the Skyline

Leetcode #218


Given n rectangular buildings in a 2-dimensional city, computes the skyline of these buildings, eliminating hidden lines. The main task is to view buildings from a side and remove all sections that are not visible.

All buildings share common bottom and every building is represented by triplet (left, ht, right)

‘left’: is x coordinated of left side (or wall). ‘right’: is x coordinate of right side ‘ht’: is height of building.

A skyline is a collection of rectangular strips. A rectangular strip is represented as a pair (left, ht) where left is x coordinate of left side of strip and ht is height of strip.


Input: Array of buildings
       { (1,11,5), (2,6,7), (3,13,9), (12,7,16), (14,3,25),
         (19,18,22), (23,13,29), (24,4,28) }
Output: Skyline (an array of rectangular strips)
        A strip has x coordinate of left side and height 
        (1, 11), (3, 13), (9, 0), (12, 7), (16, 3), (19, 18),  
        (22, 3), (25, 0)

Consider following as another example when there is only one
Input:  {(1, 11, 5)}
Output: (1, 11), (5, 0)


Method 1. Divide and Conquer, O(nlogn).

Method 2, O(nW), W is the width of the widest buidling.



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